Can you show evidence of your understanding of your own company's market position to a partner?

Skill Definition - The ability to articulate the market position of O2 relative to the chosen partner and a full understanding of why that is important to the partner.
Capability Demonstration
A demonstration of this ability would probably involve the following:
§ All relationship managers should be able to explain with clarity, simplicity and exactitude O2’s company position including: strategic direction, core values and beliefs, and partnering process.
§ This skill is absolutely crucial to attracting and securing the best candidte partners. Organisations who are successful in this area are said to have acheived ‘Partner of Choice’ (POC) status. This means that other organisations compete to partner with them.
§ A POC position allows O2 to: negotiate the best deals, attract the best quality partners and secure advantageous technical or commercial terms.
§ Without this key explanation the partner will not be able to suitably assess O2 as a prospective partner.
§ Without this valuable time may be lost in potentially confusing and conflicting messages from multiple executives from both (or all ) partners.
§ The reality of strategic relationships these days is that ‘you have to choose’. This means that it is highly unlikely that any one candidate partner will have the best scores in a multi dimensional Due Diligence exercise (See Above). In reality the relationship mananger will need to construct a decision matrix to help him balance the pros and cons of the prospective partner.
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