Can you score your experience of developing business value propositions for alliances? If your score is greater than 50 please register your evidence of the skill in the Comments box.

Definition – The ability to create a clear articulation (usually in writing) of the value of the relationship measured in terms of products or services being developed or projects delivered, with particular reference to; all partners, the customers, the consumers, and the market. A demonstration of this ability would probably involve demonstrating the following: A common understanding from ALL key stakeholders of the value in the relationship. The very best business value propositions are ‘Breakthrough Value Propositions’ which is to say that the capability, service or product being developed is unique and not easily copied by the competition. It is iportant to document the BVP both to avoid misunderstanding and also to gain committment to the BVP by working on the document jointly with the partner. You should consider how others will replicate your BVP? The more effort you put in the less easy it should be for competitors to replicate. The BVP lies at the heart of any partnership discussion and should be considered first in the Transactional stage. This is the start point for all alliance discussions. Typically and traditionally falure to address this area has been one of the most common reason for partnership failure.

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