*Consuelo Garcia*Senior Partner Solution Manager*Spryker Systems GmbH*Capgemini*Management * IT consulting*325.000

C30 - Our company has a co-opetition mindset.| Opinion: Neither Agreed or Disagreed*Our partners are complementary in our ecosystem (i.e. non-overlapping).| Opinion: Disagreed*We have a clear exit strategy for non-performing or recalcitrant partners ensuring that no gap occurs in the delivery of the value proposition to the client.| Opinion: Strongly Agreed*The vision for the ecosystem is regularly reviewed.| Opinion: Agreed*All employees have clarity in our own organisation's SWOT analysis.| Opinion: Disagreed*Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) has a clear understanding of the Partner Ecosystem Model and they actively support it.| Opinion: Strongly Agreed*We conduct simple SWOT analysis of partners so that field sales forces know which combination of partners to recommend in which situation.| Opinion: Disagreed*

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