How to Maximise the Value of Your Alliances Using Proven Best Practices

Do you know how to maximise the commercial value of your strategic alliances?
In essence its a simple three step process as follows:

  1. Where are we now? - Find out how your alliance rates in best practice terms by answering the Alliance Best Practice Questionnaire here: (You need to know where you are starting from to select the appropriate optimisation strategy).
  2. Where could we be? - Answering the questionnaire will trigger the production of a purpose written 35 page report which identifies the degree of commercial potential lying unrealised in your alliance. It will also tell you the current state of your alliance in best practice terms. (On a scale of 0% - 100%).
  3. How do we get there? - Using the report as a guide look up the best practices you want to improve in the Alliance Best Practice Database here: for ideas on how to improve the underperforming areas then implement the ideas that you receive and track progress on the improvement in the best practices at the same time that you track improvement in the commercial returns. (Hint - Revenue growth should be between 250% - 650% in less than 18 months).

That's it!! Easy right?
If you think this approach is too simplistic feel free to browse the underpinning research here: Alliance Best Practice Research
If you need help filling out the questionnaire feel free to contact me at

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