Your Role in the Ecosystem – Accenture-Strategy – 31 Jan 2019

Platform Ownership is Not the Only Path to Growth and Profitability. Platforms, which provide the foundation for game-changing solutions, are driving the digital economy and accelerating the transformation of many companies. Understandably, companies in all industries—including communications, media and technology want a piece of the platform revolution. Some 300 platforms already exist, and the development of others is rapidly accelerating.
Accenture Strategy estimates that, unfortunately, only 10 percent are likely to succeed. Companies that continue to invest solely in building platforms may find they are simply competing in a race to the bottom. The good news is that platform ownership is not the only path to growth and profitability. In fact, Accenture Strategy believes the greatest value in the platform economy lies in how organizations leverage ecosystems to deliver outcomes and solutions through platforms. Some pioneering communications, media and technology companies are already evaluating how they can participate in existing ecosystems. A few are even pursuing more valuable ecosystem leadership roles. But most are still trying to figure out the role that is right for them. Those that wait too long face the risk of being marginalized; and for many, it may already be too late.

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