Where is Due Diligence Due in Strategic Alliances?

Choosing the ‘right’ partner is critical to long-term alliance success, however partner evaluation due-diligence is undertaken within constraints…
An independent research project aimed at improving strategic alliance due diligence effectiveness
Strategic alliances have become an essential business strategy and now account for 40% of all business in developed markets1 ….but they frequently fail to live up to expectations wasting valuable time and effort, and causing financial, operational and reputational damage and loss of other opportunities.
Partner selection is fundamental to achieving alliance success, with even the best alliance management unlikely to overcome poor partner selection ….but due-diligence, the enquiry exercise upon which alliance formation decisions are made, is limited by time, resource, competitive and financial constraints.
Partner selection literature provides abundant advice on specific partner selection criteria which should be evaluated to improve alliance outcomes     (e.g. trust, complementarity, culture, commercial benefit etc.) … however there is scant research exploring the relative importance of these selection criteria or an organisation’s ability to effectively evaluate these success factors.

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