Three Things Ecosystem Masters Get Right – Accenture Strategy Practice – 2018

It is no small feat for a business to single-handedly navigate disruption in today’s complex business climate. This is why ecosystems are taking off. Most companies recognize the need to implement new business models to address, or even lead disruption. According to Accenture Strategy research, 60 percent of executives say ecosystems are the way to do it.
1 - Businesses can use ecosystems to make strong market plays that drive disruptive growth. The opportunity is staggering. Ecosystems could unlock $100 trillion of value for business and wider society over the next 10 years.
2 - However, few businesses have fully capitalized on the opportunity, claiming the role of “ecosystem master.”
Many ecosystems currently don’t live up to their potential. A third of executive respondents target revenue growth of 5 percent or more with their ecosystem plays. Only 12 percent achieve this growth.
3 - This begs the question: What are the masters leading ecosystems getting right?

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