Managing Alliances in a Recession

A White Paper by Stuart Kliman and Laura Visioni of Vantage Partners
Business leaders face 2009 knowing that the currentglobal recession is likely to get worse before it gets better. Companies are cutting back, scrutinizing every expense,and looking to only take the wisest risks. Even withlending rates cut to their lowest levels in recent history,experts predict that "the once-humming U.S. economycould stagger backward at a shocking six percent rate forthe current three-month quarter."
In this environment of scarce resources, alliances canand will play an essential role by enabling companiesto achieve their goals without making expensive acquisitions or internal investments. Nevertheless, allianceprofessionals should expect the scrutiny of the executivesuite and prepare to take action based on asking and answering three categories of questions aimed at helpingtheir companies cut costs, enhance performance, and findcreative ways to thrive in a contracting and increasingly competitive global economy:
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