Ecosystem Advantage How to Boost Your Success by Harnessing the Power of Partners – Judge Business School – 2010

Based on the observation of best practice and detailed case studies we observe that companies have started to organise themselves in loosely coupled networks, similar to the mediaeval ‘commons’, and which we call ecosystems. These are far less structured than joint ventures, but have at the same time a lower level of transaction costs than pure market systems. These ecosystems seem to be better adapted to respond to the demand for complex, integrated solutions, rather than standardised products and services delivered in homogeneous volume.
The imperative for gaining competitive advantage via these ecosystems is for firms to create sustainable ecosystems and for the lead firm how to capture the value created by the ecosystem. Based on a set of case studies we develop six keys to create the ecosystem advantage: the clarity about the creation of value added, the definition and structuring of the partner roles, how to stimulate complementary partner investments, the need to reduce the transaction costs, how to stimulate co-learning in the network and how to engineer effective value capture mechanisms.
Keywords: ecosystem, value capturing, networks

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