Alliance Management Salary Review and Benchmark 2012

This report is the result of an extensive review of alliance management remuneration packages conducted by Alliance Best Practice in January and February 2012. 38 Individuals completed the following 23 survey questions: 1. What is your Job Title? 2. Do you have any direct reports? 3. If 'yes' how many? 4. Do you personally carry an alliance sales quota or target? 5. If 'yes' what is the target figure? 6. What is your basic salary? 7. How is your reward package constructed? 8. What is your bonus measured as a % of basic salary? 9. Are you part of a formal pension scheme? 10. Do you receive a car allowance? (Please indicate the nature of the scheme) 11. Do you receive any insurance cover as part of your job? (e.g. Private medical health cover, Life Insurance, Key Man insurance, etc.). 12. Do you receive any other benefits? (If so could you please specify type and amount). 13. Does your organisation use an external consultancy to benchmark alliance salaries? 14. If 'yes' which company does it use? 15. What country are you resident in? 16. What country is your Head Office Resident in? 17. What Sector do you work in? (e.g. High Tech Software, Hardware, Services, Telecommunications, Other)? 18. What is the size of your company measured in staff numbers? 19. What is the size of your company measured in gross turnover per annum? 20. At what level of seniority do you operate in your company? (e.g. Level x of y Levels) 21. Do you have a formal job description? 22. If 'yes' was it internally or externally generated? (e.g. Internal or external consultants). 23. Is your role centrally based (i.e. corporate) or country based?

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