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Co1 - We have a number of joint products / services and they are selling very well. We are looking to develop more.
Co5 - Alliance Balanced Scorecard - We have an extensive jointly agreed alliance balanced scorecard which is used at our Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). We have a full range of measures (ie Commercial, Technical, Strategic, Cultural and Operational).
Co6 - Incentive Scheme - We have an attractive incentive scheme to encourage our partner to sell joint offerings.
Co7 - Alliance Cost - Alliance Costs (both direct and indirect) are fully understood
Co8 - Commercial Benefit - Alliance Benefits (both direct and indirect) are fully understood
T14 - Market Fit - We have one or more joint offerings that are innovative and are market leaders.
T15 - Product / Services Overlap - Our products and / or services are completely complimentary with our partner. There is no overlap.
T16 - Mutual Needs - We have a range of mutual needs with our partner which are fully satisfied by the alliance.
T17 - Joint Problem Solving - We solve problems openly, quickly and effectively with our partners.
T19 - Partner Accountability - We have a high degree of accountability with our partners.
S21 - Scope - The scope of the partnership is very clear.
S25 - Senior Executive Support - There is a very high degree of senior executive support on both / all sides of the partnership.
S26 - Strategic Alignment - We are completely aligned with our partner's business strategy.
S29 - Governance Model - We have a comprehensive governance model in place.
S30 - Common Vision - There is a clear and common vision for the relationship.
Cu31 - Trust - There is a high degree of trust in the partnership.
Cu33 - Collaboration Skills - There is a high degree of collaboration skills exhibited in the partnership.
Cu34 - Dedicated Resources - There are ample resources dedicated to this partnership.
Cu36 - Joint decision making with the partner/s is excellent.
Cu38 - Cultural Alignment - There is a high degree of cultural alignment between the partnering companies.
O39 - Partnership Processes - We have a full and complete set of partnersing processes which are consistently followed.
O42 - Business Plan - We have a fully costed and comprehensive business plan for our partnership.
O45 - Partnership Charter - We have a single document which describes all key aspects of the partnership.
O47 - Operational Metrics - We have a set of operational metrics which effectively drive the partnership on a month to month basis.
O48 - Operational Alignment - We have a high degree of operational alignment with our partner.
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