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Cu31 What is the degree of trust in the relationship and how is this evidenced? (Please place score in Score Box and Evidence in Comments box.

Score 0 if - None. I would not be in this relationship unless I absolutely had to be. Their behaviours and actions are deeply questionable.
Score 25 if - OK. They let us down sometimes but they are getting better.
Score 50 if - Good. They rarely let us down and they usually do what they say they will regardless of rank or function.
Score 75 if - Very good. They have good behaviours and almost always do what they say they will do. I would share anything but the most sensitive information with them.
Score 100 if - Absolute. We are close to being the same organisation. I would trust the other side with all and any information. They have never let us down. They always keep their promises
Cu32 What is the level of maturity of alliance thinking in your organisation?

Score 0 if - Non existent. We did not know about Alliances until recently.
Score 25 if - Low. We know alliances exist but we treat them as a means to a commercial end.
Score 50 if - Good We use alliances regularly in an ad hoc fashion.
Score 75 if - Very Good we use alliances regularly as part of a formal programme supported by a best practices centre of excellence.
Score 100 if - Outstanding we are global leaders and alliances pervade everything we do.
Cu33 What degree of collaboration skills exist in this relationship on both sides and how have these skills been applied in your organisation? (Please place score in Score box and Evidence in Comments box).

Score 0 if - None
Score 25 if - Some but very little. Based on individual experiences.
Score 50 if - Good we have some formal training to help senior alliance managers develop their collaborative skills.
Score 75 if - Excellent we use collaboration as a key measure in the individual's annual assessment.
Score 100 if - Outstanding we are recognised as best in class. We teach other departments and/or organisations.
Cu34 Is there a dedicated relationship manager role identified to work on this alliance from both sides?

Score 0 if - No
Score 25 if - Yes part time on one side.
Score 50 if - Yes part time on both sides.
Score 75 if - Full time on one and part time on other side.
Score 100 if - Full time on both sides.
Cu35 Is there a dedicated alliance department in your organisation to whom you can turn for help in this and other alliances?

Score 0 if - No
Score 25 if - There is an informal group who get together when they want to.
Score 50 if - There is a recognised group who get together regularly.
Score 75 if - There is a regular group who get together regularly and have budget to spend to develop the centre. There is some internal sharing of alliance best practice.
Score 100 if - There is a recognised group who get together both internally and externally to share best practice regularly.
Cu36 Do you have a joint decision making process for the alliance?

Score 0 if - Unknown.
Score 25 if - Different on both sides and difference causes large problems.
Score 50 if - Different on both sides and difference causes small problems.
Score 75 if - Very little difference on both sides and difference causes only minor and intermittant problems.
Score 100 if - Same scale on both sides. No problems caused.
Are there any other cultural issues which ‘get in the way’ of business as usual?

Score 0 if - Unknown
Score 25 if - Some and they are hard to deal with but we get round them.
Score 50 if - Few and we get round them in an ad hoc fashion.
Score 75 if - Few and we recognise the differences and quickly resolve the issues entailed.
Score 100 if - Very few. But when they do crop up. We use them as value add levers.
Cu38 What degree of Business to Business cultural alignment exists and what measures were used to ascertain this? (Please score in Score box and evidence in the Comments box).

Score 0 if - We do not recognise culture as a factor in the relationship.
Score 25 if - We recognise that some cultural factors exist but we expect individuals to work through the issues.
Score 50 if - We recognise the existence of business cultures as a factor in strategic alliance relationships and have just begun to think how we may develop a common language to express this.
Score 75 if - We are advanced in our thinking on the issue of cultural alignment and we have a number of robust behavioural factors which we measure regularly to assess alignment.
Score 100 if - We have commissioned an external cultural alignment expert to help us define the differences in culture and to bridge the gaps.
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