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Alliance Best Practice Benchmark Questionnaire

Experienced alliance executives know that at any one time various factors will be either inhibiting or enabling alliance success.  This benchmarking questionnaire allows alliance and partnership practitioners to discover which is which and to do something about those factors which are holding the alliance back.

The questionnaires ask a number of questions and invites interviewees to score the areas under review out of a possible maximum of 100.  A score of less than 50/100 = an inhibitor (responsible for problems) or more than 50/100 = an enabler (responsible for success).

Once completed and submitted interviewees will receive an Alliance Best Practice Benchmark report identifying areas of over and under performance against the average in the database (over 200,000 entries).  The downloads database can then be used to generate proven ideas for improving the underperforming areas.

A further explanation of each question and how to complete the questionnaire is available via the ‘Help’ link next to each question.

The questionnaires typically take no more than 20 minutes to complete and capture no commercially sensitive information.

Note: There are a number of company specific questionnaires on the site so if you are a partner or a practitioner in any of the following companies, please look for your appropriate questionnaire in the drop down box and complete that specific version:

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CGI, Cognizant, Colt, EMC, IBM, KPMG, Microsoft and VMware

Before completing the questionnaire please complete the following identification details:

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Finally, if you have any further queries regarding this material please feel free to contact Mike Nevin (Managing Director of Alliance Best Practice Ltd) on +44 (0)7766 752350 or at
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