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S30 Is there a common vision on all sides of the strategic intent of this relationship?

Score 0 if - Some people seem to see it the same way.
Score 25 if - Many people in the alliance functions on both sides see it the same way.
Score 50 if - Many people see it the same way in both organisations.
Score 75 if - Everybody has a clear and accurate version of the strategic direction of the relationship and where it fits in the strategy of both organisations.
Score 100 if - There is a recognised group who get together both internally and externally to share best practice regularly.
| Benchmark: .Score 100.*S25 What support is there from senior executives in the business for this relationship and how is this evidenced?

Score 0 if - None
Score 25 if - Individual executive champions understand the value of partnering.
Score 50 if - Many executive champions understand the value of partnering.
Score 75 if - The majority of the executive team see the need for alliances and support them in concept. Individual specifics need to be explained.
Score 100 if - Support for partnering is complete, educated and comprehensive throughout executive levels.
| Benchmark: .Score 100.*O42 Do you have a formal joint business plan for the relationship?

Score 0 if - No
Score 25 if - Yes on one side unknown by other side.
Score 50 if - Known by both but only paid lip service by one or other. Incompatible goals.
Score 75 if - Yes in place and mostly subscribed to by both sides.
Score 100 if - Yes fulsome and complete and agreed and actioned by both sides.
| Benchmark: .Score 100.*O39 Do you have a defined alliance process which is followed by both sides?

Score 0 if - No.
Score 25 if - Yes but very ad hoc and not written down.
Score 50 if - Yes quite formal but some people don't apply it.
Score 75 if - Yes. Formal and most people apply it.
Score 100 if - Yes fully structured, written down and conscientiously applied.
| Benchmark: .Score 100.*Cu33 What degree of collaboration skills exist in this relationship on both sides and how have these skills been applied in your organisation?

Score 0 if - None
Score 25 if - Some but very little. Based on individual experiences.
Score 50 if - Good we have some formal training to help senior alliance managers develop their collaborative skills.
Score 75 if - Excellent we use collaboration as a key measure in the individual's annual assessment.
Score 100 if - Outstanding we are recognised as best in class. We teach other departments and/or organisations.
| Benchmark: .Score 100.*

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