Alliance Best Practice Silicon Valley Advisory Board Meeting 16th March 2016 – Minutes and Actions

Minutes of the Meeting Held on 16th March 2016
Present: Mike Nevin, Ted Colton, Barry Perkins, Wendy Corley, Debra Reabock, Charles Withrow, Eric Moss, Cindy Kennaugh, Julie McSweeney
Apologies: Scott Safe
Issues Discussed
Agreement of those involved - The following people have declared their interest in being involved in this initiative: Mike Nevin, Ted Colton, Barry Perkins, Wendy Corley, Debra Reabock, Charles Withrow, Eric Moss, Cindy Kennaugh, Julie McSweeney, Balaji Subramanian, Scott Safe, and Stacey Conradson
Confirmation of Purpose

  • It was agreed that the purpose of the initiative is to bring together alliance, partnership and collaboration executives to identify, explore and deploy best practices in business to business alliance relationships.  This will be achieved by organising a quarterly face to face meeting to discuss these issues and hear from: practitioners, consultants and academics who have insights into these issues.
  • The face to face meetings will further be supported by the provision of an online discussion forum in LinkedIn to allow interested parties to debate alliance issues in addition to the meetings.
  • The primary purpose of the meetings and the group is to help practicing alliance executives to deliver better commercial results from their alliances through the deployment of known and provable alliance best practices.

Value of the Meetings

  • Mike Nevin was able to confirm to the group that at similar meetings in London there is now no doubt that attendees derive practical and tangible value from their attendance.  In particular, the following benefits have been identified:Keeping up to date with alliance best practices
  • Meeting new prospective partners
  • Strengthening links with existing partners
  • Discovering partnering opportunities through discussion, and
  • Finding an alliance job

Meeting Programme 2016/2017
Mike Nevin confirmed that he has identified the following companies to host meetings in the near future: Capgemini, VMware, Polycom, Informatica, EMC, and AMD.
The next meeting is due to be held at the Capgemini offices in San Francisco on the 8th June 2016.  Wendy Corley is looking to confirm the date of booking.
Regular Monthly Call – A regular monthly call for the Advisory Board was agreed for the second Wednesday in each month at 10.00 am local PST time.
Immediate Next Steps – The following immediate next steps were agreed:

  1. Wendy Corley to confirm the date and venue of the next meeting at the Capgemini Offices in San Francisco
  2. Mike Nevin to set up and maintain two LinkedIn groups: one for the advisory board members alone (to facilitate discussions regarding the running of meetings) and the second to be a general discussion group for people interested in alliance best practices in the Silicon Valley area.
  3. All advisory board members to actively market membership of the general LinkedIn group, and use that group as the vehicle to reach out to people to secure good attendance at the meetings.
  4. Mike Nevin to suggest a draft agenda for the next meeting and post the ideas in the appropriate LinkedIn group for discussion.
  5. Mike Nevin to send out a regular meeting request and dial in details for the next meetings.
  6. Mike Nevin to initiate a discussion in the appropriate LinkedIn group regarding charging for the meetings and to follow the advice of the members as to the most appropriate model.  For Example:

i.     Fixed fee minimal payment of $30-$50
ii.     No fee at all
iii.     Minimal fee to be paid for non attendance

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