Accenture Preferred Provider Program


In Q2 2021 Accenture Strategy and Consulting published its Future of Partner Ecosystems Research study to gain an understanding of partners’ top needs now and in the future.  The survey of 1150 partners in 12 countries uncovered the implications for both Providers (Accenture) and Partners to enable them to win customer mindshare and grow overall alliance revenue.  The research revealed three key focus areas: 1) Co-innovating for growth, 2) Collaborating at scale, and 3) Co-investing for the future.

“Accenture should offer their partners a path for growth and help develop the capabilities they need to achieve that growth”.

A key finding from the research: partners have more choices of providers than ever.  Accenture needs to be the provider of choice with chosen partners.  The result in the UK was the development of the Preferred Provider Program based on the already established VST Methodology from Alliance Best Practice Ltd (ABP).


To help it achieve Preferred Provider status Accenture commissioned ABP to assess partner sentiment with 20 of its top partners in the UK.  The methodology was based on the established VST alliance optimisation process which has six stages:  1.Benchmarking – 2.Visioning – 3.Executing – 4.Resourcing – 5.Tracking – and 6.Growing

The first stage in the process is to gather data from both Accenture and the partner from 25 best practice data points in five critical areas: Commercial, Technical, Strategic, Cultural and Operational.  The data is captured by video / phone interview by answering 25 established questions relating to the critical success factors (CSFs) in commercially successful alliances.

These questions can be shared in advance with interviewees at three levels: Strategic, Managerial, and Operational.  Note: if required ABP will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with all involved partners.


Baselining the Alliance – Benchmarking the alliance in the first stage allows both Accenture and the Partner to have a common and aligned view of the current state of the relationship.

Creating an Alliance Vision – Creating a common and shared vision for the alliance aids in the process of resourcing the relationship effectively.

Action Planning / Execution – Developing a joint action plan to execute the agreed vision allows both sides to develop immediate and pragmatic actions to ensure early wins.

Co-Investing for the Future – Resourcing the alliance appropriately aids in developing the relationship in a scalable manner.

Alliance Balanced Scorecard – Tracking progress using an Alliance Balanced Scorecard allows both sides to identify and measure the key implementers of commercial growth.

Growing the Alliance  – Collaborating at scale in multiple geographies is no easy task.  A structured approach is essential to success.

Accelerating Collaboration – Finally, the ABP methodology accelerates the chosen alliances by focusing practical and pragmatic actions based on the research findings.

Accenture Preferred Provider Program

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